Personal Training

Start With A Consultation

At Achievement Personal Training our focus is you! We welcome you when you walk in the door and make sure you feel comfortable.

We take an interest in you and your fitness goals and discuss with you how health and fitness currently fit into your life. We listen as you express your goals and then discuss how we can reach them together.

We start building those goals, laying the foundation for success through a comprehensive consultation.



Identify Your

There are four parts to your consultation:

  • Goals: We Work with you to identify your specific goals.
  • Measurements: We do a seven-point caliber test to find out where you are starting from in regards to learn lean body mass and body fat. 
  • Movement Assessment: We identify over- and under-active muscles to help us effectively design a program for you.
  • Medical History & Waiver: Helps to address any medical concerns so that we can customize your workout. 

Achieve Your Dreams

After completing the four parts of the consultation, your trainer uses all the information to professionally design a program that safely accelerates you towards your specific fitness goals. 

Get Started With a Consultation

Only $25 to book your consultation and the $25 will be credited back when you purchase your first training program at the end of the consultation!